Site Submission Form

If you own, represent the ownership or want to suggest a site we should consider for industrial, multifamily or self storage development please click the link below. Each site will be processed through our proprietary data analytics software and our team will be notified of your submission. The most thorough submissions will be evaluated first and for those we aim to provide feedback within 48 hours.

Please contact Brian Votava with any questions.

Office Locations

Kansas City
3315 N Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64116
P: 816.888.7380
St. Louis
12977 N. Forty Drive, Suite 203
Saint Louis, MO 63141
P: (816) 895-8135
P: (331) 481-6960
2060 Reading Road, Suite 250,
Cincinnati, OH 45202
P: (513) 285-3530

Additional Contacts

Multi Family Property Management
Tiffany Harris, CAM, CAPS
P: (816) 888-7908
Commercial Property Management
Greg Norris
P: (816) 384-2290
Third Party Brokerage Services
Brian Votava
P: (816) 888-7397